Brenda Francis started Scarf Gems in 2012 after wearing scarves for most of her life. She longed for one that was an adornment, that was opulent, that sparkled. Her love of sewing, gemstones, and beadwork came together and Scarf Gems was born! People wanted matching jewelry and she happily complied. Now jewelry makes up most of the business.

Brenda Francis with a scarf gem tower.

Our gemstones are all natural and have not been color enhanced. The pearls are freshwater pearls.

Materials are energy cleansed with reiki, salt, and sunshine before making them into jewelry.

Crystals, shells, and beads are often included to accent the gemstones' beauty.

In 2014 Criselia Navarro joined Scarf Gems as a jewelry designer. She has been making jewelry since she was eight years old! She grew up in Michoacan, Mexico where she would gather seeds and dye them different colors. Then she strung the seeds and different shaped pasta together for her and her two sisters to wear. She also made necklaces and bracelets out of fruit for Virgin of Guadelupe Day.

Amuletos Joyas Piedras






Scarf Details

Scarf gem strands are 7" wide including the 2 clasps. One can attach them to a scarf or hat they already own, or purchase a scarf from us. Our thick scarves and bandanas are 22" square and are Made in the USA. The paisley bandanas are 100% cotton. The solid color scarves are a 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend.

Easy to care for: simply remove the gem strand and wash the scarf by machine or by hand. Dry on low or hang to dry. The 100% cotton scarves shrink 1/8". The 50/50 scarves do not shrink.

Special requests or questions are welcome.

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